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                              s many of you know, I'm also a Crime Scene Investigator! Part of my extensive training includes the science surrounding fingerprints... And I was completely fascinated with them.

Did you know that due to environmental factors unique to your mother, no one else on this planet has your exact fingerprints? Even identical twins have different prints.

Just as your fingerprints, your relationship with your loved one is unlike anyone else's. Everything from the way you touch each other to

the small things that make your heart skip a beat... It's all completely unique to you two. Both of you have created love in a world that needs more of it, so why not celebrate that individuality?

So if you'd like each of your fingerprints made into a unique keepsake... I can digitize them for $45.00, creating a heart as a little representation of your love.

It's cheesy. But so are you if you're here wanting to know more ;)

As I always say: Let's create something awesome.

Concerns? Check out my FAQ page here and search "fingerprint".




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