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Bernadette & Marcus - Mission Viejo, CA

Well hello, reader. Let me tell you a bit about this shoot.

Bernadette and Marcus agreed to let me sample photograph them earlier this year as I was rebranding my business, and I couldn't be happier that they let me photograph their love story...

I met Bernadette in college while we were both undergrads at CSUF. In one of our Sociology classes freshman year, I remember the professor asking the class (of over 100 students) what we thought about women raising their children without having a significant other to support them... And Bernadette raised her hand to say her peace. Now, I can't recall EVERYTHING that she raised her hand and said (my bad...), but I do remember the premise of her statement:

She proudly sung the praises of her mother; telling us all how strong, loving and caring this woman was: an outstanding example of what a mother should be with or without a partner. Bernadette further explained that having a mother like this has shown her a level of independence that she'll carry through life. She made it clear that she didn't need a man.

I remember turning back around in my seat and thinking, "She's going to find someone amazing someday... And when she finds him, she still won't need him. But he's going to compliment her independence in the best possible way... She won't be able to ignore it."

Let's be clear, I am not a sappy, romanic AT ALL. So the fact that this thought even went through my head perplexes me still (Dear God, why do you put weird thoughts like that in my head? So creepy. Sincerely, Shelly)... But spending just a little time with Bernadette is enough for you to know that she isn't the type of person that half-asses the important things.

That's how I knew Marcus was something special.

Naturally, I was stoked when we booked this session. Photographing two people who are passionate about each other is simply, the best. Not only are these two humans humble and kind, but their chemistry is off the charts.

SO, I'm done yacking. Enjoy my favorites from this session xx


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